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Serving the ever changing needs of healthcare

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Vascular Booties

Disposable Light Handle Covers

Vascular Loops

Magnetic Drape

Clear Vision Anti-fog Solution

Silicone Clamp Covers

Vascular Booties


Soft instrument-jaw covers firmly hold the finest suture without damage or slippage.  Radiopaque.  

Latex Free.  Single use.  Packaged sterile in a foam pad with adhesive backing.  Five pairs per pad, one pad per package.  Sold with five packages per box.

Vascular Loops


Designed to assist the surgeon by identifying arteries, veins, nerves, tendons and ureters.  Oval cross section shape minimizes vessel trauma by appropriately distributing pressure, providing a gentle atraumatic grip  


Manufactured from high quality, medical grade silicone.  Radiopaque.  Packaged sterile.  Latex free.  Single Use.  16” long.  Two loops per package.  10 packages per box.  Sold per box.


15” length can be cut to fit as required.

Silicone Clamp Covers


Designed to provide a gentle atraumatic grip.  Manufactured from high quality, medical grade silicone.  Radiopaque.  Latex free.  Single Use.  Available sterile or non sterile.  5” length can be cut to fit as required.


Code:  12-1000 (red)

Clear Vision Anti-Fog Solution


A specially formulated low cost anti-fog solution that will not damage your expensive scopes.  Each solution comes complete with an adhesive backed sponge for easy placement within the operating area.


Plastic bottle and non abrasive foam sponge for ease of use.

Single Use

X-Ray Detectable

Packed Sterile

Non  Alcohol formulation

20 individually wrapped solutions per package


Re-Usable Magnetic Drape


Made with high quality medical grade silicone, the magnetic drape is both durable and strong.  The round magnets set within the silicone drape ensure that your instruments are held in place yet easy to obtain.


Holes at each corner for further stability.


Suitable for all sterilization methods.


300mm X 400mm

Gel Positioners

Face Shields

Trinket Boxes

Laparo pouch comp

Laparoscopic Instrument Pouches

Laparoscopic Instrument Pouches


These high quality disposable laparoscopic pouches are ideal to house expensive instruments during procedures.  They allow you to quickly identify and obtain instruments.  60 per box.  Individually packaged.  Sold Sterile.


An adhesive strip allows the pouch to be secured during procedures.


Reduces re-processing costs.

Overall Size: 363 x 439mm


Pocket size: 1 = 140 x  275mm

                    2 = 275 x  275mm

Code:  65-1201

Vascular Loops Sizes
Booties2 CV drape booties booties2 loops loops2 clamp