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Serving the ever changing needs of healthcare

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Neurology and Spine Trays provide maximum accessibility and flexibility when handling and sterilizing kerrisons and forceps.  Our Neurology and Spine Trays are custom built (learn more) by utilizing our modules to group and organize similar instruments together if desired.

IN-5012  Ten Position Kerrison Tray + Rack with Cover



10 Kerrisons

NOTE: Tray shown without cover for illustrative purposes.


387mm x 244mm  x 152mm

IN-5401-02   Bayonet Forceps Module with Cover



2 Forceps


248mm x 54mm x 29mm


IN-5401-03  Dual Extra Long Bayonet Forceps Module with Cover



2 Extra Long Forceps


305mm x 54mm x 38mm


IN-5401  Forceps Module with Cover



6 Forceps


248mm x 248mm x 29mm

IN-5401-08 Forceps Module with Cover



8 Forceps


305mm x 184mm x 38mm

IN-5401-12  Forceps Module with Cover



12 Forceps


305mm x 244mm x 38mm  



IN-5013  10 Position Kerrison Rack



10 Kerrisons


362mm x 241mm  x 152mm

IN-5013B IN-5014B

IN-5014  Five Position Kerrison Rack



5 Kerrisons


362mm x 127mm  x 152mm

IN5401-02_Neuro module_med IN5401-03_Neuro module_sm IN-5401-6-Bayonet-Forceps-Module-Tray_InstruSafe IN-5401-08-Final-Color-Output IN-5401-08-Final-Color-Output

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