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Dispo Foam

Washing Glove

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Code:  DF-050


The patient cleanser of choice for hospitals.


Dispo-Foam is a safe single use patient cleansing sponge impregnated with a

ph neutral cleanser formulated for use in Accident and Emergency Departments.


    * Very useful for cleansing of RTA’s and Assault cases.


    * Highly effective in cleaning oil, road grime, grit, soil, blood and body fluids.


    * Ideal for use on scalp lacerations, providing quick and convenient washing of hair and body prior to any treatments or suturing.


    * Low cost, single use Dispo-Foam will enable Nursing and Paramedic teams to effectively cleanse and decontaminate their patients.


Being Ph neutral and latex free makes Dispo-Foam safe for people with pre existing skin disorders such as eczema and dermatitis,       it also contains an emollient that can nourish fragile and sensitive skin.


 Dispo-Foam will not sting the eyes or mucus membranes.


 Safe and gentle for use on children and babies.


Dispo-Foam is not a soap and leaves no residue and so requires no rinsing.  Simply towel dry.



Sodium Laureth Sulphate

Aqua Sodium Chloride

Cocamide, Betaine

Citric Acid



foam slide1

To Use:


Remove from the individally packaged wrapper.


Moisten sponge by adding a small amount of warm water, squeeze vigorously until cleanser is activated.


Once the sponge becomes foamy, wash the patient.


Do not rinse, simply towel dry.  


Discard the sponge after each use.


Do not submerge the sponge under water as this will wash away the pre-dried cleanser,





Low Cost


Single Use

Dispo-Bano Washing Glove


This innovative new product means washing and drying of the patient is quicker, easier and more cost effective.


The glove consists of a front layer of porous synthetic wadding that is impregnated with a dermatological Ph-Neutral Cleansing Gel


The back layer is an absorbent non-woven material suitable for drying the skin after washing.


An inner Polythene glove makes the wearing of extra gloves unnecessary.



Glove Glove 2

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Dispofoam Instructions for use Instructions for use